Dog Bath Shampoo & Conditioner

Dog bath shampoo & conditioner in one comes in a 12 ounce size, in 6 wonderful scents. It is made with the mildest plant and vegetable-based cleaners. Conditioning agents include macadamia nut oil, almond oil, oat flour protein and cucumber extract. It is pH balanced (6.75) specially for dog's skin and coat. It is vitamin enriched with pro-vitamin B-5. It helps to demat & detangle hair. Also helps to naturally repel ticks and fleas. Preservatives used are organic and inorganic salts, citric acids, and benzoin tree gum derivative. DOES NOT CONTAIN: SLS, DEA, TEA, alcohol, phosphates, pesticides, detergents, dyes. It is low foaming, and cruelty-free.

Bow Wow Bouquet (geranium, lavender & jasmine) ONLY 3 REMAINING
Canine Coconut (Tahitian cocnut oil, banana extract, vanilla bean & Italian cypress stem) ONLY 2 REMAINING
Dew Drop Doggie (sandalwood, lemongrass & peppermint) Only 1 REMAINING
Honeysuckle Hound / Yellow (honeysuckle & Mediterranean rosemary) ONLY 4 REMAINING
Rose Petal Pooch (rose, vanilla bean, ylang ylang & Peru balsam bark) ONLY 6 REMAINING
Woodsy Woof / Green (eucalyptus, fir needle & lavender) ONLY 1 REMAINING

Dog Bath Shampoo & Conditioner
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