The poodle is regarded as the second most intelligent breed of dog. They come in toy, miniature, and standard sizes with many coat colors. The breed originated in Germany as a water retriever and the English word "poodle" comes from the German word “pudel,” meaning to splash in the water. They like to be in the center of things and are easily trained to do astonishing tricks involving both brains and agility. Known as a “people dog”, the Poodle is a "person" and expects to be treated as one! Each one is a character and for that reason they make wonderful, unique companions. POODLE-OPOLY IS A GAME OF TAIL-WAGGING FUN! COLLECT YOUR FAVORITE POODLES AND PLAY HARD! Increase your rent by buying Toys for your dogs and upgrading them to Big Bones. Sounds easy enough until you get fleas, have an accident on the carpet, or worse yet, get sent to the Kennel! GRAB YOUR TOKEN AND ADVANCE TO GO POODLES! Who knows! You may soon be Best in Show… or hanging out by the fire hydrant! IT’S YOUR ROLL! TRADITIONAL PLAY OR 1 HOUR VERSION 2-6 PLAYERS AGES 8 AND UP
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