JACKS-OPOLY GOOD DOG! The Jack Russell is a happy, bold, and energetic little dog. They are intelligent and assertive, so if you let them take an inch, they will be happy to take a mile! For that reason it is very important for Jacks to have a person who is willing to be the pack leader. Equally contented hunting a fox or killing a sock in the living room, they are very amusing characters with a boundless energy that can sometimes be overwhelming! To play, adopt your favorite Jacks then collect Dog Toys and trade them in for Big Bones. It’s all tail-wagging fun until you’re sent to the Kennel – then you’re out of the game for three turns! Who knows! You may win first place in obedience class…or you may end up with fleas! Whatever happens…It’s a doggone good time! TRADITIONAL PLAY OR 1 HOUR VERSION 2-6 PLAYERS AGES 8 AND UP
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