Kong Wild Knots- Flamingo S/M

These fanciful birds may appear cute and cuddly, but they're made STRONG to stand up to your dog's chomping, shaking, and toting. Kong Wild Knots Toys feature an extra-durable reinforced plush body containing knotted rope dogs just can't resist chewing and carrying around. Kong Wild Knots Toys give your dog a thrilling combination of textures, plus pleasing squeaks from a responsive internal squeaker. Minimal stuffing inside Kong Wild Knots Toys helps ensure that your home stays cleaner. Kong Wild Knots Toys are available in 2 sizes and 4 characters to suit your dog's size and personality. Small/Medium Cardinal 7.5" x 2" x 7" long Eagle 5" x 2" x 7" long Flamingo 8" x 2.5" x 7.5" long Toucan 7" x 2.5" x 7.5" long Medium/Large Cardinal 11" x 4" x 12" long Eagle 8" x 3" x 12" long Flamingo 11" x 3" x 12" long Toucan 11" x 3.5" x 13" long
Kong Wild Knots- Flamingo S/M
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